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My aim is to empower you to regain control of your own health and life. I re-programme the mind to overcome barriers, control anxiety, build inner confidence and regain sexual wellness.



Clinical hypnosis aims to re-programme patterns of behaviour within the mind, enabling irrational fears, phobias, negative thoughts and suppressed emotions to be overcome.


Sexual Freedom, Sexual dysfunction and relationships can be treated with hypnosis. It help many types of sexual issue – Libido issues, painful sex, vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, anorgasmia, arousal issues and more

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Who am I. What do I do.

Helen Birch is a sex therapist and clinical hypnotherapist, Helen runs a private clinic in Wakefield, West Yorkshire but also provides therapy anywhere online. Helen uses a unique method of personal transformation to help people make small changes in their lives that can create huge results for their long term heath and happiness. 

What is clinical hypnotherapy

Many people turn to hypnosis after they have tried other therapies, only to find if they had worked with me first they could have saved a lot of time and money. This process gets to the sources of the issue, tapping into that place where the thoughts and feelings come from- your subconscious. It will help you to overcome the issues you face, and move forward in life.


Helen has given me the tools to get through the tough times I had been having, but couldn't talk about. I am now in control of my life and feel happy again
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Daniel A
Anxiety Client
Amazing experience ! She has changed our lives for the better. The sessions were relaxing and safe. Helen has given us perspective and the ability to communicate with each other again. Thankyou !
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Elsie and Mike
Relationship Clients
Helen did a great job, teaching me breathing techniques and providing her with an audio to listen to every evening as well as one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions.
overcome performance anxiety
Karen P
Performance Anxiety Client
Helen has helped me so much more , I suffer from chronic back pain which when pills stopped working Helen has helped me to take time out for me and relax which works
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Heather S
Pain Control Client


Helen Birch Sex Therapist is based in Wakefield in West Yorkshire, close to Leeds, fairly central between York and Sheffield. You can find detailed directions to me on my “contact” page. That said I may also provide sex and relationship therapy as home call service covering all of West Yorkshire. Also, based in RCM Business Centre, Ossett Wakefield.  Helen also offers online therapy sessions so you can receive help anywhere in the UK and world wide. 

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