Phobias are common and easy to treat. Phobias such fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of spiders, , fear of public speaking. .

Lifestyle Changes

Life style changes - such as, but not limited to: stop smoking, stop drinking coffee, stop drinking alcohol, stop eating chocolate

Children and Teens

Working with Children, teens (and can apply to adults),nail biting, bed wetting, exam or test anxiety , pulling own hair (Trichotillomania)

Anxiety And Panic

Anxiety becomes a problem when it is experienced, intensely and interferes with a person's daily life.


Hypnotherapy works on a conscious and subconscious level, to help combat the causes of depression.

Trauma and PTSD

Deal with the aftermath of incidents, childhood trauma, accidents and the many other causes of PTSD.

Performance Anxiety

Working with people to stay calm in a court, a job interview, giving a speech, dealing with meetings, or a driving test

Self Confidence

Help you remove negative beliefs you hold about yourself, help you become more assertive, and get better at saying NO!

Insomnia And Sleep

Improve sleep hygiene overcome insomnia, rebuild sleep habits, re-correcting sleep patterns.

Fertiity and IVF

Couples and individuals to increase the chances of conception either naturally or in combination with medical fertility treatments

Pain Mangement

Manage pain and in some cases eliminate it. Also enhance the efficacy of other treatments for pain


Treatment for IBS with hypnosis has been found to work in 80% of cases where other treatments have failed

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