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Causes of Vaginismus: Why is it occurring, how did vaginismus happen to you and what can be done about it?

Vaginismus is a condition that causes vaginal muscle contraction, making it difficult or impossible to have sexual intercourse, to insert a tampon, or to undergo a pelvic exam or gynaecological surgery. Although the cause of vaginismus is not well understood, it is thought to be triggered by a mixture of psychological and physical factors.

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How to use hypnotherapy to improve your depressions: Blog about depressions and how hypnosis can help.

Depression is a condition that is plaguing a lot of people in the UK. It can affect your mental wellbeing and cause you to feel unwell and unhappy. With the right treatment and therapy, you can get rid of depression. You can do this by using hypnotherapy. This blog will look at hypnotherapy and depression, how to get rid of depression and how to use hypnotherapy to get rid of this condition.

What is hypnotherapy

What is hypnotherapy? A blog to find out about what hypnotherapy is and what it can actually do.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most misunderstood therapies in the world. It has been around for thousands of years but most people don’t know what it actually is. There is a lot of confusion between hypnosis and hypnotherapy, especially in the media where it is often portrayed differently to what it actually is. This blog is designed to answer the question: What is hypnotherapy and what can it do for you?

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How to have better sex

Want to have better sexual relationships? Take a look at our video for a more satisfying and fulfilled sex life for both men and women. If you’re trying to improve your sexual encounters, want to last longer in bed, have better orgasms and be more sexy with your partner, take a look at this sex education video to have a full and happy sex life. Take a look at more information in our article on
To have better sexual success you need to get to the root of the issue. This way your conscious mind stops interfering with your sex life (such as when you worry about losing your erections) and your natural processes can take over. Sex will become easy and enjoyable again.


How does erectile dysfunction start ?

Do you or your partner suffer from erectile dysfunction? Is erectile dysfunction affecting your sex life? If so watch this video as I talk about THE reason and cause of your erectile dysfunction and how to treat it. There is one underlying cause of all your erectile dysfunction problems and I’m going to share what that is. Knowing this information is the key foundation to your recovery from impotence.

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Erectile Dysfunction: Why it happens and What to do about it

Most men experience times in their life when they are unable to get an erection and suffer erectile dysfunction. Even if it’s not something that they are keen to discuss openly. Sometimes, it can just be the odd time when you’re overtired, stressed or perhaps you’ve had too much to drink. Sometimes it can happen …

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