Client Success Stories

I have tried to stop smoking several times for many years without much success. It is now over 3 months since I last smoked and I can say that I haven't craved it. I have no idea how or why it has worked and honestly I am not one who normally believes in this type of therapy. However - I am converted I actually feel like a non-smoker.
hypnotherapy quite smoking Leeds
Dennis B
Stop Client
I've been suffering from seasonal allergies for many years. Around April /May with pollen from blosoom has made my life a miserable. I've avoided the woods where I enjoy walking with my dog. I've taken anti histamines for years and had an asthma spray which didn't really work. After one session with I have no symptoms . No runny eyes tight chest or sneezing..
natural hay fever cures hypnosis
Nicola H
Hayfever Client
After 3 sessions with Helen on zoom, I have noticed an amazing change in my behaviours. I was struggling with lack of sleep due to grinding my teeth for months. Grinding my teeth used to cause me so much pain, I would be up most of the night for hours on end and suffering severely with headaches for the rest of the day. I haven’t ground my teeth for months now and I have had some of the best nights sleeps!
hypnosis teeth grinding Wakefield
Jonas K
Bruxism Client
An hour of pure calm, it took me away from the stress of life, I can honestly say it gave me a beautiful massage of the mind. It helped me a lot, it taught me to be a bit more gentle with myself, relax and made me realise ‘things will get done when they get done’. Everyone has noticed the new calmer me, my mood has definitely changed for the better and I feel a lot happier. Helen was professional, lovely, very attentive and a great listener.
pain relief hypnosis natural way
Kerri F
Relaxation Client
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