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Device Addiction

Are we addicted to our devices ?

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What is the effect of device addiction on humans?

A link has been found between the surge in screen-use and mental health struggles, especially amongst young people some experts have warned.

Device use time for leisure rose by 47% just during lockdown, and this doesn’t include those using devices for work or education. While device use can give us a brief feeling of euphoria, the effects are short-lived and the long-term negative consequences of over-using technology can be harmful.

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The question remained, however – is using a device a problem?

Does device addiction actually cause any damage?

The average user logs 2.15 hours a day on social media alone – up from 1.5 hours in 2012.

Worryingly, Neuroimaging research has shown that excessive screen time actually damages the brain. (Structural and functional changes have been found in brain regions involving emotional processes, executive attention, decision making and cognitive control).

Why does device addiction matter?

Habits are formed quickly and can be hard to break.

Social media and technology intake – and its management – is particularly important for well-being and mental health. 

And there are also risks beyond the individual.

27% of UK children say their parents have double standards about technology.

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There is a strong link between heavy internet use and depression, with heavy users 5x more likely to suffer from depression than non-heavy users


Unfortunately, whilst technology can help us relax and give us a brief feeling of euphoria, the effects are short-lived and the long-term negative consequences of over-using tech can be harmful.

If you rely on devices to manage your mental health issues, that reliance can itself become a problem.

You may well find that your screen use gets in the way of other activities and puts a strain on your relationships and your work.

While some will find that cutting down without support is possible, others will need assistance.

What Can You Do Device Addiction?

My Reduce Technology  hypnosis program will help.

If your technology use has become a habit, it’s worth remembering that use screen time is merely a mental “program” – you have “programmed”, yourself to use devices in just the same way that you have programmed yourself to ride a bicycle.

social media addiction taking over my life

And these mental programs can be re-set and re-written.

Hypnosis is an effective approach in dealing with the problems that excess device use can lead to – issues with relationships, weight and Health.

It will identify those areas and aspects of your life that may require tweaks and modifications.

In particular, it will enable you to adapt, change and to look at Tech intake in a completely new way.

Hypnosis will help you realise that technology is not essential to relaxation, and is not necessary as a crutch or coping mechanism.

My Reduce technology program will enable you to take back control, and will lead the way to a fitter, healthier you!

And NOW – it can all be done from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in the world. Online sessions are available. Contact here

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And Think Better. Feel Better.

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