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Eating habits that can change your life

Hey, Helen Birch here, in this short blog you are going to learn about eating habits that changed my life and could also change your’s too. These eating habits may have also caused you weight gain. And the good news…no diet required.

eating habits
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 So my eating habits have changed throughout my life. I noticed this when I look at my children and see how their eating habits are already changing.

No diet approach

Can you imagine freedom from thinking about food all the time? Eat whatever you want and still lose weight? No calorie counting, low carbs or low fat diets? Imagine feeling happy about the way you look and having a powerful motivation to exercise? Most traditional dieting systems have programmed you to think about food all the time, count every calorie, plan meals and avoid certain foods and drinks. But what if this approach was totally wrong and if fact ended up making you heavier?

eating habits

Have you ever wondered why you are bigger than you were before you actually started the diet? That’s because your mind has been programmed to think about food all of the time. Instead you need to learn how to control your shape and size in a safe and natural way.

Ok let me explain, its a fact that the only reason we need to eat is to stay alive and stay healthy. And because we are all different each and everyone of us has a different optimal amount of food that we need to stay alive and stay healthy and anything over that optimal amount of food turns to fats and fluids causing obesity. 

eating habits

Eating habits of a baby

Consider this… what would happen if we could establish our own optimal amount of food? And if we only ate that correct amount of food we would never be overweight again would we? We wouldn’t be eating and drinking extra calories that stay in our bodies as extra weight and fat. There was a time in your life when you had the natural ability to control your own shape and size , and eat only the optimal amount of food your body needed. After all you were not born obese or addicted to food, you just need to recover that natural ability.

So to summarise traditional dieting systems have made you fat, and instead of diets you need to trust your own body. By listening to your own body telling you how much food it needs to stay healthy and stay alive, you will never be taking on extra calories that will turn to fat and fluids.

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eating habits
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