"I Believe That Everyone
Can Think Better And Feel Better
Than They Currently Do"

About Helen

Helen is a sex therapists and clinical hypnotherapist. She has successfully helped to treat people’s most difficult problems and make changes in their lives.

She has helped clients make changes that get big results from curing a life long phobia, addictions, relationship problems and sexual dysfunction or eliminating deep rooted issues in matter of minutes.Helen has  hypnosis clinic  practice in Wakefield, Yorkshire, where she works with local and international clients  in office and online sessions. 

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Helen Birch Clinical Hypnotherapist Dip.Hyp.I.S.C.H GHR GQHP

The path to getting better and feeling healthy has become complicated and confusing. Helen experienced this herself while suffering from burn out and work related stress and anxiety. Her mind was constantly over run, exhausted, low self esteem and a feeling of dread was always in my stomach. Helens relationships were suffering, she was so stressed and too busy to focus any time and attention on them. The people closest to her were at the bottom of the priority list. This was adding more anxiety , worry and concern to life which further increased stress levels.

After trying everything to fix myself, she had run out of options. Helen was facing a life on medication and starting to accept that this was my future.

Then she discovered hypnotherapy. It transformed her life ! The hypnosis gave  clarity, focus and space to discover what she wanted to do next.

Helen was amazed what a relaxing and positive experience the first hypnotherapy session was. After a few sessions the negative thinking had been changed and she had become balanced, positive, in control and has an inner strength to empower myself. In essence she had become resilient to modern living.

Helen has an academic background  extensive training and several years experience in Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, and EFT. 

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Sex Therapist, Relationships Expert , Hypnotist

Helen retrained as clinical hypnotherapist and further enhanced her skills to incorporate different theories and techniques following the latest mind body science. 

She is  proud to help people make personal changes, in a quick and effective manner which produces long lasting results. Helen take a holistic view of your life focusing on how you want feel, while treating the person not just the label.

Through life changing sessions, she uses variety of techniques to reconnect the body and mind, address underlying causes ,release trapped trauma, heal issues at the root. Providing a pathway back to health. Her bespoke therapy plans are informed by rigorous and innovative scientific research.

Sex and Relationship sessions help you  overcome  problems and gain confidence, improve your self-esteem and self-worth. They empower you to be more confident in your relationship, feel more strong, re-gain communication and get a clear outlook on your sex life and relationships with Hypnotherapy.

Today Helen run a results driven private hypnotherapy clinic in Yorkshire, offering consultations and therapy session in person and online. She works with individuals and couples from all backgrounds, cultures and sexual orientation who have a wide range of unwanted behaviours, addictions or relationship issues.

Her goal is to empower you to take control of your own health and well being.

Together you can use hypnosis to help ease your suffering. We can all think better and feel better than we do, its accessible to all of us.

Its time to think better and feel better than you ever have before.

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