How does erectile dysfunction start ?

It all comes down to the nervous system.

Do you or your partner suffer from erectile dysfunction? Is erectile dysfunction affecting your sex life? If so watch this video as I talk about THE reason and cause of your erectile dysfunction and how to treat it. There is one underlying cause of all your erectile dysfunction problems and I’m going to share what that is. Knowing this information is the key foundation to your recovery from impotence.

Do you know that the nervous system can shut down your erections?

This information is the foundation for your recovery from psychological erection issues.

Our nervous system is in fact in two parts.

The parasympathetic nervous system know as the feed and breed is responsible for the bodies activities when we are relaxed and resting such as digestion and sexual arousal. 

The second is the sympathetic nervous system where the fight or flight response is produced. Preparing our bodies to deal with threats. Your heart rate increases and blood rushes from different parts of the body to help you run away from the threat or help you fight it. When the fight or flight response kicks in it overrides all other functions. This is in order to increase our chances of survival. 

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But why does that cause erection issues ?

This was fine for our ancestors who needed to run away from a bear, but for modern living our body responded in the exact same way. So when you have anxious thoughts or feelings about an erection, your body thinks there is an immediate threat and trigger fight or flight. Therefore directing blood away from your penis causing your erection to be lost. For example you are having a sexual encounter , and your head starts thinking negative thoughts such as ‘what is this doesn’t work?’. Your brain reacts to the fear and fight or flight mode kicks it , redirecting blood and your erection goes soft. 

Your penis is not getting the blood it needs to get hard and stay hard. This creates performance anxiety.  On top of this the stress of modern day living such as work and finances can leave us in a constant state of fight or flight. So other parts of your life may also be affecting your erections. 

Why you cant get it up

So this is the reason for your ED issues, in it most basic and primal form. This is why you can’t get it up.

1.Brain is alert to fear

2.Brain activates fight or flight mode

3.Stress response kicks in and direct blood away from the penis

That’s it! The cause of every erection issue you have . 

What if you could control the nervous system ? 

A breathing technique called box breathing is used by the armed forces before they start an operation. It connects the parasympathetic system or feed or breed system to help them stay calm during high stress situations. 

You can find me demonstrating the breathing technique here.

If you feel more relaxed than before the breathing did its job and engaged the parasympathetic system. It needs to be built up and trained so it’s ready when you need it at the moment. 

Breathing techniques are great and useful but if you want long lasting change from erection problems you need to find out why your mind is going into fight or flight and eradicate these triggers which our brain associated with fear. Hypnotherapy can do this. Get in touch today for your free consultation. Helen Birch is a clinical hypnotherapist and sex experts she is based in Leeds West Yorkshire but helps clients all over the world with online hypnotherapy sessions.

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