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Hypnosis and Intuitive eating for weight loss

Intuitive eating for weight loss

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Hey, Helen Birch here, in this short blog you are going to find out about the human bodies inbuilt intuitive eating system and you will learn more about how your body has all the tools you need for your own weight loss right now.

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I know it might be hard to believe if ,you currently feel that food has control over life, you can’t stop comfort eating or craving those chocolate bars and you can bare to look at yourself in the mirror. But there was a time, in your life when you were in control and your body had a natural ability to control what you needed, and control your shape and size. We all have that natural ability it just needs recovering. The trouble for most of us is we have overridden our natural instinct and ruined them with dieting, to the extent that we are now unable to hear and respond to our bodies needs.

So what is this natural ability you are talking about Helen because i’m pretty sure I never had it?

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Well think about a baby that you know. They know exactly when they are hungry and when they are hungry they start to cry. They are given milk , and the baby drinks the exact amount of milk it needs to stay alive, be healthy and feel full. The baby knows when it has taken the right amount of food that it needs to stay alive and stay healthy.

Have you noticed that the baby starts to spit the bottle out and reject any more milk. That is our amazing body, showing that it has the perfect weight control system, and it is THIS perfect weight control system that you used to have when you were a baby.

So what happened to this amazing weight control system that you had as a child to control your own weight and size?

Overtime due to life and encouragement such as ; when our parents telling us to eat all the food on our plates so we can become a big girl, or there is no dessert until you clear your plate our subconscious decide that we don’t need this weight control system anymore.We start to override all the natural signals that we used to have, to eat when we are hungry and stop when we are not.

scale diet fat health 53404
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Instead of reaching for another diet book, we need to reconnect to our natural weight control system we all have when we were babies.

So that’s all for me today, let me recap.

  • You were born will a natural ability to control your weight
  • Overtime due to cultural influences you have learnt to ignore and override your bodies natural signals
  • Ignoring your body has made you gain weight.

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