Get the mindset of a successful person.

What are the traits of successful people, their habits and their routines?

Ask successful people and they highlights the need to follow our passion, set goals, and create a focus for getting through the important things each day, without distractions. 

In a nut shell it’s all about mindset.

This mindset can be reinforced with a hypnosis session. Being a hypnotherapist, I work with people’s mind set all of the time, changing habits, changing beliefs, but more recently as well, I have been involved in the Wakefield ambassador programme, in the city where I live. I had heard from the politicians, business leaders, sports people and personalities. What is it that’s made them successful?

How is it that they think? What is their mind-set? Because we can learn so much from other people’s mindset. What is it that they do that makes them successful? 

 social networks notifications turned off for mindeset

I want to share some of my observations that I feel made them so successful. Lots of them I noticed had mobile phones but were not using them during free times of the sessions.  They weren’t scrolling through social media, answering emails or being pinged with notifications. Instead they were talking face to face and being present people. 

So my first tip is to turn off all distractions, remove social media from your phone, stop those push notifications or have a basic phone for work hour that only do texts and calls. If you want to get things done, you need to eliminate distractions and focus on the things you want to achieve.

vision board for positive mindset

Secondly successful people, they have a vision. They have a goal. They’re very clear of what their intentions are. What it is that they want to achieve. They also have a real passion for something. Have you got a burning passion for something, an area that you want to make a difference to, or something that you want to create? You will need this vision in the forefront of your mind especially on those days when you feel overwhelmed or despondent. It’s the drive that will get you through.

 Have you created your vision? Is it written down or displayed somewhere? Can you see it? By seeing it every day is creates focused attention and the law of dominant effect. How about creating a vision board? Cut of images of your visions from magazines, add words which resonate with you and the lifestyle you want to create.

a man smiling due to positive self talk

 Thirdly how do you talk to yourself? Remember you talk to yourself more than any other person talks to. Is it negative self-talk? We all have this little chatterbox in our head that is on a constant whir every day. Is it saying that you’re not going to be able to achieve that, or, “Oh, just stay as you are”? What is that, the negative things you’re telling yourself, that are maybe preventing you moving it forward? It is based on your own self-doubt, how can you get rid of the negative chatterbox in your head, the little internal voice that may stop you doing things.  

Give yourself some kindness. So rather than trying to learn how to stop self-talk altogether, we should listen, acknowledge these thoughts without any judgment, and just let them go. This involves not being too hard on ourselves and treating our fears and concerns in a similar way to if we were giving advice to a friend. To a loved one you would talk with compassion, kindness, and understanding. So talk to yourself in the same way. By noting our negative self-talk, we are acknowledging it and therefore releasing the power it has over you.

If negative self-talk have taken over, or you feel unable to break out of the distraction cycle, then hypnotherapy can work wonders. Hypnotherapy works to rewire the brain pathways to create positive thought patterns and behaviours. To find out how hypnotherapy can help you improve your mindset, get in touch for a free consultation. Email to book your free call.

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