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What Are Low Sexual Desire Disorders ?

Let’s talk about female sexual health, sexual arousal and sexual desire.

The female sexual health, female sexual arousal, female sexual desire and female sexual problems are very commonly diagnosed. The treatment for them is relatively less known about. This blog is about the arousal and the desire in women. It talks about the different forms of libido problems in women and how and what you can do about it.

There is a lot that affect sexual desire and sexual arousal for women. The majority of women struggle with low sexual arousal, low desire, and a lack of interest in sex at some point in their lives. A women can be suffering from a wide range of sexual dysfunctions from a low sex drive, to a diagnosis of hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Sex and intimacy therapy in Yorkshire, uses hypnotherapy which can help women learn about sexual desire and ways to increase libido.

In this article you will also learn how and why females develop sexual desire disorders too.

Sometimes, sexual trauma, past experiences, medication, relationship problems, stress and lack of sexual education around foreplay lead to low or no sexual desire. As well, some women with low libido, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, and low sexual desire disorders report sex is dull, something they just have to get done, and boring.

What is hypoactive sexual desire disorder and is it the same as a low libido?

Not exactly. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder is more complex than only having a low libido. For some women, having a low libido is not impacting them emotionally or in a stressful way. Also, if a woman experiences a low libido one day, she may have a higher sex drive the next day. For many women this fluctuation is common. This would not be considered hypoactive sexual desire disorder. A woman who has hypoactive sexual desire disorder may also have a low libido. However, a woman with a low sex drive or low libido may not have a diagnosis of hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

Additionally, women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder, may no longer have any sexual fantasies or thoughts. Some women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder once had a higher sex drive and higher libido, but their desires for sexual activities is decreasing or non-existent. Sex issues can lead to depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and relationship stress. Sex Therapy and Hypnotherapy in Yorkshire looks at the psychological, social, emotional, relational, and biological aspects of low sexual desire issues.

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Hypoactive sexual desire disorder is given to women who find their low sex drive causes emotional issues in their life.

With a diagnosis of hypoactive sexual desire disorder, a women will not want or avoid sexual stimulation. As a result of low desire, this causes increased stress for females, personally and in their romantic life. Low sexual arousal in females can be stressful, lead to sadness, low self-worth, frustration, loss, and grief. A woman suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder may feel frustrated that her body is not working the way she expects it should. She may also feel hopeless and clueless about where to start to start rebuilding her sexual desire. Therefore, sex therapy and hypnotherapy can help women and their partners safely overcome sexual dysfunction.

Is your low sex drive causing relationship problems?

For many women, working with a sex therapist in Yorkshire can be a safe place to talk about sexual desire. Your hypnotherapist can help figure out the emotions that go along with desire disorders. As well, there are many aspects that contribute to female sexual dysfunctions and a lack of sexual interest in sexual activities. With low libido and low sexual desire, a women may no longer be interested in sexual pleasure or activities. Often, sexual arousal disorders involves mind-body therapies. For females with low libido or low sexual desire, the mind plays a big role in sexual arousal. Emotional expression can be a big part in overcoming difficulties with sexual arousal.

What is a sexual dysfunction all about?

For some women they may struggle to become sexually aroused in the first place, but for other women they find it hard staying sexually aroused and maintaining arousal during sex. For instance, a sexual partner may blame themselves or feel rejected sexually. In sex therapy, people can have a safe place to gain sexual education. Learning about what the female body needs to experience sexual pleasure is key in overcoming low desire disorders.

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Sometimes, women develop hypoactive sexual desire disorder because of past sexual trauma.

It is very common for women to experience less excitement around sexual activities after sexual trauma. Sometimes, women may have PTSD or suffer flashbacks if they feel sexual sensation again. After sexual trauma or sexual abuse, it is common for females to avoid sex, avoid sexual pleasure, and avoid all sexual activities. Hypnotherapy in Yorkshire helps women find what feels safe through self-touch and self-pleasure first.

 If a female’s body experienced unwanted touch of any kind, she may be affected and not want to partake in future sexual activities. Due to past sexual abuse and sexual trauma, women with sexual dysfunctions may avoid sexual situations that are reminders of sexual trauma. Having sexual experiences means being vulnerable, which can be unsafe. Hypnotherapy can help women resolve inner shame and guilt from surviving sexual abuse. Unwanted touch leaves a lasting impact. Holistic therapy can be a safe place to talk about her childhood, early development and heal from sexual abuse. In the past, if sexual activities have been painful or non-consensual, a woman may inadvertently develop sexual dysfunctions like a low sex drive.

What else can lead to hypoactive sexual desire disorder in females and sex issues?

At times, women develop hypoactive sexual desire disorder and a low libido due to medications. Anti-depressants can lead to low sexual desire and a low libido. One common side effect of anti-depressants is a decrease in sexual interest and a much lower sex drive. If you are taking an anti-depressant or other type of medication, this could be one of the factors to your hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Hormonal birth control and some allergy medications can lead to hypoactive sexual desire disorder and low libido issues. And, blood pressure medications can also contribute to low libido issues in females. This should be discussed with your doctor.

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Relationship problems play a huge role in female sexual arousal

In addition to past sexual trauma and side effects of commonly prescribed medications, relationship problems lead to sex issues. Hypnotherapy in Yorkshire helps women and couples talk about relationship conflicts. If a women doesn’t feel emotionally safe or heard, she will have no interest in being sexually intimate or sexually expressive. The body and mind are connected and this connection is very important for women’s sexual desire. So, it is difficult for a female to feel safe sexually and express herself sexually if she feels hurt, betrayed, or sad. She may no longer be interested in sexual activities if she suspects her partner is not being honest, seeing other people, or having an emotional or physical affair. Also, when there have been trust issues, secret keeping, lying, or infidelity, these impact a female’s sexual arousal abilities.

Trust issues, cheating, infidelity, and secret keeping can lead to sex problems and sexual dysfunctions in females

If the trust in a relationship is damaged, interest in sex often declines. Building emotional security and repairing after conflicts are precursors to increasing a female’s sex drive and libido. Each romantic relationship has conflicts, but when couples lack conflict resolution skills, trust issues arise, and arguments go unresolved, this impacts female sexual desire. Therefore, a female may receive a diagnosis of hypoactive sexual desire disorder as a result of ongoing, unresolved relationship arguments and trust issues where she doesn’t feel emotionally safe.

Lack of adequate foreplay and lead to reduced excitement around sexual activity

Often, a women knows her body best. However, a female’s sexual, romantic partner may need better sexual education to understand her sexual needs. Biologically, females need more time to become sexually aroused both physically and emotionally than males. Females and their sexual, romantic partners can gain sex education from working with a sex therapist at Hypnosis in Yorkshire. Foreplay is the time hyping up, building sexual arousal, and increasing the heat she feels around her vulva and clitoris. In order for a female to feel sexually aroused and her libido to increase, she needs her erogenous zones kissed, touched, and stimulated first. A female’s sexual, intimate partner should be touching and kissing her lips and neck first and foremost.

A woman with hypoactive sexual desire disorder or a low libido may feel shame or guilt around her sexuality. Other women may have high levels of anxiety or overwhelm from sexual issues. Some women may feel mad at themselves, a sense of inner turmoil and frustration. Women and couples need a safe space to can talk about sexual dysfunctions. Sex therapy and hypnotherapy can give women and their sexual partner’s sex therapy homework. There can be emotional, physical, mental, psychological components to a decreased libido and hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Having a safe place to talk about all the emotions is essential to healing and overcoming hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

We hope you enjoyed our article about the female sexual health, female sexual arousal, female sexual desire and female sexual problems. If you are experiencing any of these issues, please visit http://www.hypnosisinyorkshire.com. They have qualified and experienced professional hypnotherapists who can help you.

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