Erectile Dysfunction

Every male will occasionally have erectile dysfunction; for the majority, it is a singular or infrequent occurrence that is simple to account for. For some guys, this is a warning sign that something physical is wrong, and seeking medical attention should be the first step. There may be no medical cause for ED in some men, and in those cases, Viagra isn’t always helpful. Helen helps many men overcome erectile dysfunction by eradicating its root causes and ingrained behaviours. You can regain control over your erections with the help of sexual freedom hypnotherapy.

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Premature Ejaculation

Before he ejaculates, the average man lasts 4 to 5 minutes! Some men do have trouble ejaculating quickly, sometimes even before penetration takes place, and this can lead to a lot of interpersonal challenges as well as psychological concerns. However, in order to control sexual arousal and orgasm, you must be very present with it; ignoring arousal until it has reached the point of no return does not work. Traditionally, men were taught to employ diversion to postpone ejaculation. With the aid of sexual freedom hypnosis, you can choose when to ejaculate by becoming fully aware of and in control of your level of desire.

Premature ejaculation help Wakefield

Delayed / No Ejaculation

This is an increasing issue with men and I’m seeing more and more; men who are struggling to orgasm. They either do not orgasm at all or find it a challenge. 

This is generally due to one of two reasons:

  • Porn – usually when someone flicks from scene to scene
  • Desensitising of your penis over time

Our subconscious, the more powerful part of our brain, is programmed by our conscious. If you watch porn and swap from scene to scene our subconscious gets the idea that what really turns us on is lots of fast-paced sex. When we have one person in front of us, who doesn’t change every 30 seconds, our subconscious gets confused and it’s hard to push to the point where we orgasm. 




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Low Libido / Sex Drive

Many people feel like they ‘should’ be having lots of sex but they really cannot be bothered. Or they feel like they used to want sex all the time, and again, they are just in no mood. 

Perhaps this is with a partner, or just in general, either way, these issues can leave us feeling down or even depressed. 

 There are several reasons that can lead to low libido.

You get validation through sex, which can lead to disappointments if you feel you’re not having/wanting sex  


low libido and low sex drive


A man may feel under pressure and like a sexual failure if he is unable to orgasm either with a partner or at any time. The pressure to orgasm becomes a huge roadblock for many guys, and the issue worsens.

Sexual freedom Hypnosis can help men experience  orgasms and the delight of letting go of shame and guilt by using hypnosis to help them let go and get in touch with their libido and bodies.


Porn Addiction

The primary cause of ED and PE in younger men is porn addiction or excessive porn consumption. Because porn is now so widely accessible and requires little creative creativity, these problems are growing. Porn can lead to dopamine spikes that are based on novelty and lead to people having many incorrect assumptions about sex. Physical troubles and communication problems in a relationship may result from this. Hypnosis for sexual freedom can assist you in escaping porn and resetting your arousal cycle so that you can resume sexual activity.

porn addiction

Sexual Confidence

Sexual confidence is at an all-time low, which can significantly reduce a person’s enjoyment of sex or perhaps prevent them from having any at all. You can feel better about sex, sensuality, connection, and communication with the use of sexual freedom hypnosis. You can have better sexual encounters and let go of the worry that can result in sexual dysfunction by improving your sexual and self-confidence.

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Condom Triggered Erectile Dysfunction

Losing your erection while putting on a condom or wearing one is common among men.  It can also be called condom collapse syndrome. 

It is psychological, not physical, that so many men or those with penises struggle to get an erection when trying to use a condom. When trying to put on the condom, some men, especially young guys, may become highly anxious and worried; anxiety is the enemy of an erection.

Your body immediately begins manufacturing “anxiety hormones,” including adrenaline, when you are stressed or anxious. Humans’ “fight or flight” hormone is adrenaline. It works wonderfully for running a mile or getting the body ready for war! However, it also “turns off” any body process not immediately necessary for existence, including erections.

condom triggered erectile dysfunction
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