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How to get Pregnant with Hypnotherapy:  the causes of infertility and how to overcome it.

Trying to conceive a baby? Have you tried everything? You’ve put acupuncture, micro-needling and massage to try and increase your fertility, but you are still not getting pregnant. Maybe you should try hypnotherapy, the forgotten fertility treatment.

Trying to conceive a baby is very stressful, especially if you are struggling. You see friends or family members getting pregnant but you aren’t. This stress often leads to poor eating habits, poor sleeping habits and poor choices when it comes to alcohol. Stress is also known to affect fertility levels. This blog will look at how stress affects fertility and whether hypnotherapy can help you when trying to conceive.

Stop Trying 

A major cause of stress is ‘trying to get pregnant’ and the stress of ‘not conceiving’ causing psychological issues blocking the pathway to conception. You can read more about the research here.

That majority of infertility around 75% is a result of physical issues such as endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, low sperm count, or problems in the reproductive tract of either partner. So that still leaves around 25% of infertility as unexplained, and this is where hypnotherapy can offer help. 

Stress affects fertility.

In the UK around 1 in 7 couples had difficulty getting pregnant.

There are many reasons that couples seek help. This can include age related problems as more couples are leaving it later to start a family. By the time a person is in their 30’s natural fertility has already started to decline. 

Whether its age-related infertility or some other issues, research supports the fact that unhealthy levels of stress can damage a couple’s natural fertility. So how does stress affect fertility? High levels of stress can result in the  suppression of key reproductive hormones, which can:

Hypnobirthing Fertility IVF Wakefield Leeds
  • reduce egg quality
  • delay the release of eggs
  • Affect the cervical mucus
  • inhibit the implantation of an egg once it is fertilised.

 All of which reduces a couple’s chances of successful conception.

Hypnosis reduces stress

Unhealthy levels of stress can have a negative impact on a wide range of the body’s functions, not just fertility. But the good news is that when the stress is relieved, the body can easily return to its natural state and become healthy once again. This is certainly true when it comes to fertility. It is easy to become stressed when trying to conceive. Both partners can feel daunted about becoming a parent, overwhelmed by pressure, suffering sexual dysfunction or have past trauma brining up negative memories, The body responds to these messages by flooding the body with stress hormones and  suppressing the chances of getting pregnant.

Luckily, these stressors, whether conscious or unconscious, are pretty easy to release with hypnosis.

As each couple is different and unique, there is no one size fits all solution. But that is the power of hypnosis. It is an adaptable and flexible therapy which gives you a way to change your mindset and reconnect with that deeper and quieter part of your mind that actually holds the answers.

For example, one technique that is helpful for stress release is to visualise yourself spending time in a favourite place or inner special place within the imagination where you can take control of how you feel and unhealthy stress can be effectively cleared. 

Sometimes though the cause of infertility can lie beyond the reach of the conscious mind and be buried more deeply within the subconscious. 

For example, I had a lady who had gone through several failed cycles of IVF. Her infertility was unexplained. She felt that she didn’t deserve to get pregnant, due to something that had happened in a previous relationship. This powerful negative emotion can easily disrupt the ability to conceive naturally.  

A hypnotherapist can easily release deeply held beliefs and negative emotions such as this. The subconscious blocks are lifted and there is nothing standing in the way of conception which often occurs within the next few cycles.

Hypnobirthing Fertility IVF Wakefield Leeds
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Stress inhibits implantation during IVF

Many couples come to see me when embarking on an assisted fertility program such as In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF).

But stress can have a major role in the success or failure of the treatment program. Recent research suggests that high levels of stress during embryo implantation can cause small contractions of the uterus which can inhibit successful implantation of the fertilised egg.  

Other environmental stressors such as ; fear of needles, unfamiliar clinical settings and staff, fear of the procedure not working and anxiety about childbirth create stress that can have a detrimental effect on conception. 

But a skilled hypnotherapist can teach self-hypnosis which can be used when needed so that  all of these fears can be released and replaced with a focused inner calm giving couples the best chances of success. 

Hypnosis offers huge benefits for couples trying to conceive.

Clinical hypnosis has potential benefits for couples struggling with infertility. It’s not necessarily a quick, one session fix. Commitment is needed and a willingness to practice in-between sessions but the results are potentially life changing. 

If you have unhelpful beliefs that are inhibiting your fertility a hypnotherapist can help you to quickly release those beliefs, replacing them with a positive mindset that places you in the best possible health for pregnancy.

Stress caused by an unhealthy work-life balance is a problem which hypnotherapy can resolve by replacing high levels of stress with a sustainable inner calm and a much deeper level of physical relaxation than you have probably known before.

The best part of hypnotherapy is that once the skills are learnt then they are yours for life. They can then be used to help cope with pregnancy,  birth and parenthood. You will already be empowered to access the most positive state of mind possible whenever you need to. 

If you are struggling to conceive, you may want to look into hypnotherapy. Many couples successfully conceive after undergoing hypnosis for fertility. Hypnotherapy can improve your chances of conception by helping to relax you and your partner. You can learn more about hypnotherapy by contacting Helen Birch today!

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