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Sex Hypnotherapist: Top 5 Reasons To See One

Reasons why couples see a sex hypnotherapists

When I trained as a hypnotherapist I thought most of my clients would come to me to stop smoking or lose weight, but since being a qualified hypnotist I started to see more and more persons want to improve or restart their sex lives. For most they have tried everything else and hypnotherapy is the last resort. However I released many had common feelings linked to their sex lives. Many anxiety related issues from low libido to vaginismus or erectile dysfunction can  be helped with mind reprogramming.

A recent study found that one in four of us are unhappy with our sex lives. But most people do nothing about it. Many are too embarrassed to seek help or feel shame talking to a sex therapist, who is basically a stranger. A lot of people ignore the situation, use avoidance tactics or think the problem will correct itself.

But Sex Hypnotherapy has a very high satisfaction rate. In fact most people when they come to see me are often surprised by how effective it is. If you think you might benefit from Sex Hypnotherapy, why not contact me for an initial consultation? We can talk through what it involves and how it can help.

Here are some of the most common reasons that people contact me for.

Low sex drive

The most common issue that people come to see me for is that they have ‘gone off’ sex. When we ‘dont fancy sex’ with someone we enjoyed it with in the past, it can be confusing and very unsettling.

Finding out when you started feeling this way is the first step. Then we can start to uncover why. There can be many triggers which affect our sex lives some include: stress at work, having children, illness or moving house.

A sex hypnotherapist can help you find out what will help you in your issue by taking time to understand what is happening for you. Together you will set goals which can include making you feel comfortable or excited about sex again. This process may take several sessions but you can have a fulfilling sexual relationship again.

Unable to orgasm

Both individuals and couples, men and women, experience an inability to ‘come’. They may have never been able to have an orgasm or they can longer have an orgasm. Its important to remember that sex doesn’t have to end with climax. But anrogasmia creates feelings of anxiety,anger or disappointment. It also makes you wonder what is wrong, and extra worries about what a partner might think.

A sex hypnotherapist can help you to talk openly with a partner and reduce the negative thinking associated with anorgasmia. You can read more about how hypnosis can help with anxiety here

Having Sex Hurts

Lots of people find sex painful. This is especially true for women who find that intercourse hurts. In some cases, they may suffere from vaginimus or vagninal dryness this can make it very difficult or even impossible to have penetrative sex.

Having the opportunity to share your feelings with someone may bring some relief. As a sex hypnotherapist we will explore your reactions to sex and get a more thorough understanding of your sense of pleasure and pain. You can learn self hypnosis to relax and reduce the tension, fear and anxiety of painful sex.

Erection Problems

A  very common problem for men or a person with male parts is their inability to ‘keep it up’ or ‘get hard’ in the first place. Erectile dysfunction is very common and something that most will experience at some point during their lives.Erectile dysfunction can happen as a result of illness, surgery or trauma, or it may be something they have always had a problem with. Whatever the cause, it creates performance anxiety. Often just the anxiety of ‘will it work this time’ can make things worse.

Hypnotherapy actually works especially when it comes to overcoming sexual performance anxiety. 

A study in the British Journal of Urology, compared the effectiveness of medication, placebos and hypnosis when treating a person with erectile dysfunction. Hypnotherapy had a 60% to 80% success rate.

Climaxing too soon

Climaxing too early is a common reason people contact me. ‘Coming too soon, every once in a while,may not be a big problem, but if it happens regularly it can make it tricky to maintain a satisfying sex life.

Coming too soon is something which many people worry about. It is often caused by feelings of anxiety or not feeling present in the moment.  The good news is that Sex Hypnotherapy can really help by reducing anxiety and helping you take back control and last longer.

Need more support with sex issues?

Need more support with sex or want to find out more about Sex Hypnotherapy? Helen Birch is hypnotherapist based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. She offers hypnosis in Yorkshire and all over the word online.

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