Hypnosis for Change

Personal transformation and mind reprogramming for Adults, Children and Teens. My unique methods use the latest science alongside hypnosis to help people lose weight, give up smoking, overcome insomnia, reduce pain and inflammation, relieve gut issues, eliminate stress and increase self confidence. I want to give you an idea of the help I can provide with hypnosis, this is not a fixed list but provides you with an idea of the issues.

Sexual Wellness

Hypnosis can be a very effective solution to many sexual issues. Hypnotherapy can be your way of overcoming many sexual dysfunction issues. The mind is the most powerful sexual organ. Stress and anxiety amongst other mental issues can be a major cause inhibiting true sexual wellness. Hypnotherapy offers a highly professional, non-judgemental and open minded solution to sexual issues for both individuals and couples.


Along side all my hypnotherapy services that are there for everyone, I also work with LGBT specific issues and areas of concerns. This can include:
Confidence to come out
Self Acceptance
LGBT fertility treatment and pregnancy
Transition support
LGBT sexual dysfunction and freedom
The aim of clinical hypnotherapy is to put you back in control, reduce your anxieties and gain confidence to be yourself.


EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) helps you do just that, tap away emotional pain. Those who have experienced EFT tapping, report an immediate feeling of relief. In most cases, people say that their distress levels, about an issue decreased, or completely disappeared, during the course of the EFT emotion focused therapy treatment.
EFT is effective as a stand alone treatment or alongside hypnotherapy. PTSD, fears and phobia are resolved quickly, safely and naturally

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