Sexual dysfunction (or sexual malfunction or sexual disorder) is difficulty experienced by an individual or a couple during any stage of a normal sexual activity, including physical pleasure, desire, preference, arousal or orgasm.

Sexual confidence across the general population is at an all-time low, and problems such as erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, vaginismus, performance anxiety and problems with intimacy are at an all-time high. The fear of being judged negatively stops people asking for help.

There are many reasons issues such as low libido, vaginal lubrication, erectile function etc can be caused by, many have more than underlying physical causes.


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Helen Birch is a qualified sexual freedom practioner.  Sexual Freedom Hypnotherapy was established by Kaz Riley who describes sexual freedom as “The ability to choose to have a consenting, confident, satisfying sex life, in the absence of sexual dysfunction, guilt and shame’.

Great sex results from self-confidence, understanding what we want and being able to express it, being able to explore our sexuality and preferences, being able to say no when necessary or desired, and not feeling guilty or ashamed of our sexual selves. Being good at sex is a taught skill that we keep learning as we get older, as our relationships alter or evolve, and as our circumstances change. This acceptance is necessary for us to feel confident in our sexuality. Although it can be one of the most wonderful and joyful events of our life, having sex is a messy procedure that occasionally causes anxiety, which frequently saps our ability to enjoy it or have sex at all.



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 Helen Birch uses hypnotherapy to provide judgement free help with all kinds of sexual issues. Hypnosis can help many types of sexual issue – Libido issues, painful sex, vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, anorgasmia, arousal issues and more

The list is not definitive, if you have a sexual issue that you would like to discuss with me, then get in touch and talk to me today about how hypnosis can help you. Please be assured that if I do not know the answer I will make that clear and direct you to someone that may help. While I am based in West Yorkshire, I service not only Wakefield, but also covering all Yorkshire


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