why cant I orgasm

You need to know these reasons why you cant orgasm

Do you want to know what the exclusive orgasm is like? You have most likely heard your mates talking about it. However, it’s possible that you’ve never experienced one.

Do you only achieve orgasm sporadically during sexual intercourse or when you pleasure yourself? Is it rare that you experience a climax?

why cant I orgasm
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Be assured that you are not alone in the struggle to achieve orgasm; many other women find themselves in the same situation.

It is essential to not disregard the effect of not being able to reach climax on one’s life. As Sex Hypnotherapist, I have had plenty of women come to me who were unable to orgasm. This is known as Anorgasmia. A few of them were thriving in their work and had senior positions, yet felt like a flop in the bedroom.

The ladies I collaborate with frequently express that there is an issue with them. They feel embarrassed or humiliated because they are unable to experience what so many other women can. The unrealistic images of sex and women’s climaxes in films does not help. They want to partake in sexual activities and reach an orgasm, both for themselves and their partners. Nevertheless, something is obstructing their capability to do so.

Have you experienced this as well?

It can be annoying when you’re someone with an appetite for intimacy and you happen to be attractive to your romantic partner.

What is preventing you from enjoying sexual pleasure?

It may not be possible to reach orgasm, despite wanting to. Several explanations could be offered as to why this is the case.

There may be multiple factors involved in a woman having difficulty achieving orgasm, such as:

  • Having doubts about the trustworthiness of your significant other
  • Difficult experiences of the past
  • Ideas related to intimate relationships
  • Ideologies held by a particular group of people
  • Inability to let go
  • Inabilities to express emotions
  • Connection with your female reproductive organs
  • It is not a guarantee that all women will experience orgasm during sexual activity.

This piece intends to present 10 causes of an inability to reach orgasm and the ways to resolve them.

10 reasons why it may be difficult to reach orgasm

1. Have a lack of knowledge about your own body and what arouses you

Many females have been misinformed concerning their physique and reproductive organs. They feel embarrassed solely because they possess a vagina! Embarrassment for self-stimulation. Humiliation for using sex toys.

The Answer: Self-exploration and masturbation can be empowering expressions of your sexuality as a woman. Work on releasing any guilt, shame or unease you may feel. Take a journey of self-discovery, with a sense of curiosity, openness, and enjoyment. Uncover what gets you aroused. Unearth what areas of your body you are most sensitive to. There are now many products that have been created specifically to help women with self-pleasure.

Search for new experiences, have a great time and relish the moment!

2. Having an excessive amount of pressure to climax

When your intimate partner inquires “are you close to climaxing?” it could be an intimidating question for ladies who are unable to reach orgasm. Men, subconsciously or intentionally, may apply pressure on females to reach climax as it makes them feel competent and manly. It’s something they associate with their self-image. Yet, they are unaware that being present and forming a connection is more crucial than their performance.

The Answer: When either you or your significant other are feeling too stressed to reach orgasm, it can actually induce more anxiety, uneasiness, and pressure. Much like the concept of life, sex is not about the end result, but the overall experience. Enjoy each intimate moment without having any expectations of what the result may be. Practice becoming more aware of your body.

3. Unaroused from a sexual perspective

Prior to sexual intercourse, not enough time is spent on foreplay.

A Suggestion: Experiment joyfully with your partner. Enjoy the process of foreplay. Seek out books, such as the Karma Sutra, for inspiration regarding different positions and experiences in the bedroom.

Focus on enjoying yourself and not on achieving an orgasm.

Have a great time!

4. Expressing one’s sexuality can be a challenge

Bringing up one’s intimate desires in a relationship can be a difficult topic to approach. Women are often conditioned from a young age to prioritize the needs of others ahead of their own when it comes to sex and partnerships.

The Approach : Initiate a dialogue with your partner concerning your needs. Express any feelings of apprehension you have about sex. Being transparent and honest will create a sense of assurance. Discover your inner strength and discuss with your partner what gives you pleasure and what doesn’t. Jointly investigate to discover novel ways to savor pleasure and make the experience more enjoyable.

5. It’s tough to relinquish your grasp and cease having control

In the middle of sexual intercourse, a thought might pop into your head that you neglected to do something earlier. Or, some other idea works to break your connection to the intimate moment. Even if you are enjoying the clitoral stimulation, it can be hard to let go and surrender to the experience. This can feel like hitting a roadblock. To truly let go, it requires that you be open to both yourself and your partner.

The Answer : Attaining an orgasm, either on your own or with your significant other, necessitates being able to totally let go. Converse with your sexual partner about your trepidation of relinquishing control, and request for their help.

When you feel anxious about sex, your muscles tense up and you cease to breathe. Relaxation is key to being able to release the tension. Get more accustomed to being open with your significant other and it can help you feel more comfortable.

6. Apprehension of closeness

Intimacy and emotional distress, such as prior abuse, uneasiness, or sexual apprehensions, have a substantial effect on how you perceive your own sexuality.

Your love for your partner is strong, yet you worry about being exposed or emotionally intimate with him. Intimacy isn’t merely sexual contact. You may be harboring feelings of guilt, apprehensions regarding sex, and uncertain of how to get emotionally close to people. Consequently, engaging in intimate activity can be intimidating when fear is present.

The Answer: Make sure to communicate with your partner concerning your anxieties. Expressing these anxieties out loud can bring the hidden fears to the surface. The important factor here is to be open and honest about your feelings and fears. If intimacy is a problem, consider seeking help through professional therapy or hypnosis. Sexual healing is necessary for restoring, recovering and taking the first step to becoming sexually empowered.

7. The act of engaging in sexual activity has become mundane and dull.

If you can no longer achieve orgasm like you used to, it may be wise to examine your present sexual relationship. Is it getting too mechanical and mundane? Do you find your intimate moments with your partner dull?

The Answer: If intimate relations have become mundane and unsatisfying for you, it is the ideal opportunity to communicate with your partner. Convey your emotions to them candidly. When you express yourself, focus on using ‘I’ statements, instead of ‘you’ statements.

For instance, instead of communicating that “you make sex dull”, one could say “I’m experiencing sex as a bit lacklustre and would like to chat about how we can add some excitement”.

Give him the chance to tell you what he would like to experience. Make sure that it is a secure setting to be open and honest. This conversation should not happen in the bedroom or during a sexual activity.

8. Unseen sexual attitudes and beliefs are preventing you from moving forward

An abundance of sentimentally-laden weight has been unfairly imposed on females concerning intimacy. This can stem from a multitude of sources, such as other women, religions, society, culture, men, and be passed down from one generation to the next.

These constraints can lead to you being timid and unassertive when it comes to being intimate.

Without knowing it, you may think it’s not right to take pleasure in sex, or perhaps you will just be doing your partner a favor.

The Answer : Express to your significant other your anxieties and reservations, as this brings hidden feelings to the surface.

Making a catalogue of the ideas I currently have on sex might be useful. It could be that I’m uncomfortable when engaging in sexual activities. I could also think that my vulva is repugnant. Women should not derive gratification from intercourse. There may be many more views I’ve yet to uncover.

Generate a list of fresh ideas of how you would like to engage in sexual activities.

9. Intercourse is not the exclusive way

Many females do not experience climax during vaginal intercourse. It is very common to achieve climax through activities such as foreplay, using sex toys, and self-stimulation. This is perfectly normal.

The Answer: The familiar axiom “the journey is more important than the end result” applies to orgasms as well. Women’s sexual enjoyment can also come from natural, emotional highs, and a strong sentiment of love and a connection to their soul. Having a balanced sex life is related to one’s state of mind, connection to their body, and to how free their mind, body and heart is.

10. Health issues

Medical conditions can be addressed by medical professionals, and many people who suffer from them seek out medical treatment. Health issues are something that can be remedied, and individuals dealing with them commonly pursue medical assistance.

The Answer: A variety of medical issues or meditating can lead to sexual dysfunction and difficulty having an orgasm. It is essential to consult a doctor. Therapy and hypnotherapy may be useful, however, the doctor should be contacted first.

What is the purpose of hypnotherapy when it comes to achieving orgasm?

Sex Hypnotherapy is based on, research, and specialization in sexual dysfunctions and female orgasms, I use a distinct and transformative orgasm hypnosis programme that has the power to revolutionize women’s sex lives.

Hypnotherapy of a sexual nature facilitates the reprogramming of the unconscious, physical and genital aspects to facilitate the capacity to experience orgasm.

Engage in a contemporary and sophisticated type of hypnotherapy that:

  • Is in accordance with the desired level of sexual pleasure.
  • Facilitates comprehensive recovery and resolution of prior difficult experiences.
  • Works with the non-conscious and interaction between the mind and body, thus being far reaching .
  • Helen Birch  has developed exclusive processes and methods that are exclusive to Sexual Freedom Solutions.
  • Offers systematically planned sessions that equip you with the crucial instructions for attaining sensual achievement.
  • Women who wish to master the art of climaxing and rediscover the pleasure of their sexuality can benefit from this.

Sometimes, female clients feel uncomfortable or anxious about getting in touch with me. This is often because it is their first time discussing their sexual life and how it has been effecting them. After talking with me, however, they are typically surprised at how easygoing and relaxed they have become.

If you are prepared to talk about ways to achieve orgasm, book your complimentary telephone consultation now.

What lies ahead of you?

Sexual desire and sexual pleasure are normal and natural. You should feel no shame or guilt with your desires to be sexually liberated. Desires to break free from the boundaries of society’s regulations and craft a new one that is more in tune with the divine power of women.

Understanding how to experience an orgasm isn’t just an exercise of the body, but also a spiritual exploration of one’s identity as a woman.

Tackling the challenge of achieving orgasm

If you’re interested in exploring further than the normal boundaries of hypnosis, I’m offering a secure and private call with me, Helen Birch Please press the button below to make an appointment.

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